Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Henk Sanders, I’m born and raised in The Netherlands. On this site I would like to present myself to you.

After finishing High school, I started working for the Dutch Police Force for 20 years. In 2001, I retired from the Police Force and started my own IT company in the Netherlands. I sold this company in 2008 after starting a new company in rental of AV equipment (large video screens and audio systems) for exhibitions. I sold this company after a few years and lived for several years in the Middle-east. In 2018, I returned back to the Netherlands and started working as a Contract Sales Manager for a Oil Company. Recently I started my own Consulting firm.

As a hobby and passion I drove rally’s in our 4×4 Land Rover as a navigator and of course I drove my Quads. Driving rally I got to see a lot of desserts and for many years I visited many desserts in the world. Traveling to and into the desserts is still my big passion. If I’m not at home, most likely I’ll be somewhere in a dessert.